Comparison of the different practices

Comparison of the different practices and the various aspirations (of mankind) to the disagreement of those who at prayer-time endeavour to find the qibla (direction of Mecca) when it is dark, and to the search of divers (for pearls) at the bottom of the sea. تمثیل روشهای مختلف و همتهای گوناگون به اختلاف تحری متحریان در وقت نماز قبله را در وقت تاریکی و تحری غواصان در قعر بحر

هم‌چو قومی که تحری می‌کنند
بر خیال قبله سویی می‌تنند
(They are) like folk trying to find (the direction of the Ka‘ba) and (each) turning in a certain direction which they fancy is the qibla:
چونک کعبه رو نماید صبحگاه
کشف گردد که کی گم کردست راه
When at dawn the Ka‘ba appears, it is discovered who has lost the (right) way;
یا چو غواصان به زیر قعر آب
هر کسی چیزی همی‌چیند شتاب
Or like divers under the depth of the (sea)-water, every one (of whom) picks up something in haste:
بر امید گوهر و در ثمین
توبره پر می‌کنند از آن و این
In hope of (getting) precious jewels and pearls, they fill their bags with that and this;
چون بر آیند از تگ دریای ژرف
کشف گردد صاحب در شگرف
When they come up from the floor of the deep sea, the possessor of the great pearls is discovered,
وآن دگر که برد مروارید خرد
وآن دگر که سنگ‌ریزه و شبه برد
And (also) the other who got the small pearls, and the other who got (only) pebbles and worthless shells.
هکذی یبلوهم بالساهره
فتنة ذات افتضاح قاهره
Even thus in the Sáhira (place of Judgement) a shameful overwhelming tribulation will afflict them (the followers of phantasy).
هم‌چنین هر قوم چون پروانگان
گرد شمعی پرزنان اندر جهان
Similarly, every class of people in the world are fluttering like moths round a candle.
خویشتن بر آتشی برمی‌زنند
گرد شمع خود طوافی می‌کنند
They attach themselves to a fire and circle round their own candle
بر امید آتش موسی بخت
کز لهیبش سبزتر گردد درخت
In the hope of (gaining) the blessed fire of Moses, by the flame whereof the tree is made more green (flourishing).
فضل آن آتش شنیده هر رمه
هر شرر را آن گمان برده همه
Every troop (of them) has heard of the excellence of that fire, and all imagine that any spark is that (same fire).
چون برآید صبحدم نور خلود
وا نماید هر یکی چه شمع بود
When the Light of Everlastingness rises at dawn, each (candle) reveals what (manner of) candle it was.
هر کرا پر سوخت زان شمع ظفر
بدهدش آن شمع خوش هشتاد پر
Whosoever’s wings were burnt by the candle of victory, that goodly candle bestows on him eighty wings;
جوق پروانه‌ی دو دیده دوخته
مانده زیر شمع بد پر سوخته
(But) beneath the bad candle many a moth, whose eyes were sealed, is left (lying) with burnt wings,
می‌طپد اندر پشیمانی و سوز
می‌کند آه از هوای چشم‌دوز
Quivering in sorrow and anguish, lamenting the vain desire that seals the eyes.
شمع او گوید که چون من سوختم
کی ترا برهانم از سوز و ستم
Its candle says (to it), “Since I am burnt, how should I deliver thee from burning (grief) and oppression?”
شمع او گریان که من سرسوخته
چون کنم مر غیر را افروخته
Its candle weeps, saying, “My head is consumed: how should I make another resplendent?”




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