Story of the thief who was asked

Story of the thief who was asked, “What are you doing at the bottom of this wall at midnight?” and replied, “I am beating a drum.” حکایت آن دزد کی پرسیدند چه می‌کنی نیم‌شب در بن این دیوار گفت دهل می‌زنم

این مثل بشنو که شب دزدی عنید در بن دیوار حفره می‌برید
Hear this parable how a wicked thief was cutting a hole at the bottom of a wall.
نیم‌بیداری که او رنجور بود طقطق آهسته‌اش را می‌شنود
Some one half-awake, who was ill, heard the soft tapping of his (pick),
رفت بر بام و فرو آویخت سر گفت او را در چه کاری ای پدر
And went on the roof and hung his head down and said to him, “What are you about, O father?
خیر باشد نیمشب چه می‌کنی تو کیی گفتا دهل‌زن ای سنی
All is well, I hope. What are you doing (here) at midnight? Who are you?” He said, “A drummer, O honourable sir.”
در چه کاری گفت می‌کوبم دهل گفت کو بانگ دهل ای بوسبل
“What are you about?” He said, “I am beating the drum.” He (the sick man) said, “Where is the noise of the drum, O artful one?”
گفت فردا بشنوی این بانگ را نعره یا حسرتا وا ویلتا
He said, “You will hear this noise to-morrow, (namely) cries of ‘Oh, alas!’ and ‘Oh, woe is me!’”
آن دروغست و کژ و بر ساخته سر آن کژ را تو هم نشناخته
That (story of the hare and the elephant) is a lie and false and made up; moreover, thou hast not perceived the secret (the esoteric meaning) of that falsehood.




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