It is explained that the going

It is explained that the going of the prophets and the saints, on whom be peace, to mountains and caves, is not for the purpose of hiding themselves and on account of their fear of being disturbed by the people, but for the purpose of guiding the people in the right way and inciting them to abandon this world as much as is possible.بیان آنک رفتن انبیا و اولیا به کوهها و غارها جهت پنهان کردن خویش نیست و جهت خوف تشویش خلق نیست بلک جهت ارشاد خلق است و تحریض بر انقطاع از دنیا به قدر ممکن

آنک گویند اولیا در که بوند تا ز چشم مردمان پنهان شوند
As for their saying that the saints are (dwelling) in the mountains in order that they may be hidden from the eyes of men,
پیش خلق ایشان فراز صد که‌اند گام خود بر چرخ هفتم می‌نهند
In the sight of the people they are higher than a hundred mountains and plant their footsteps on the Seventh Heaven.
پس چرا پنهان شود که‌جو بود کو ز صد دریا و که زان سو بود
Why, then, should he who is beyond a hundred seas and mountains become hidden and seek (refuge in) the mountains?
حاجتش نبود به سوی که گریخت کز پیش کره‌ی فلک صد نعل ریخت
He has no need to flee to the mountains, he in pursuit of whom the colt, Heaven, has dropped a hundred horse-shoes.
چرخ گردید و ندید او گرد جان تعزیت‌جامه بپوشید آسمان
The celestial sphere revolved (so long) and never saw the dust of the spirit; (hence) Heaven donned the garb of mourning.
گر به ظاهر آن پری پنهان بود آدمی پنهان‌تر از پریان بود
If, outwardly, the peri is hidden, (yet) Man is a hundred times more hidden than the peris.
نزد عاقل زان پری که مضمرست آدمی صد بار خود پنهان‌ترست
In the view of the intelligent, Man is indeed a hundred times more hidden than the peri who is concealed.
آدمی نزدیک عاقل چون خفیست چون بود آدم که در غیب او صفیست
Since, in the view of the intelligent, Man is hidden, how (hidden) must be the Adam who is pure (chosen of God) in the unseen world!




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