5 daily habits that will help you continuously improve your Persian

To improve your Persian the key is to continuously make improvements in your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. In fact, it is a task that needs to be done a little bit at a time, but regularly, so that you are continually getting better without feeling overwhelmed.

The best way to improve your Persian is by adopting small habits that you can keep up with daily to push your learning forward. They shouldn’t be things that take up a lot of time or require a big effort or outlay of cash. As with more and more things these days, if you have a connection to the internet, you can accomplish a lot.

Here are six ideas for small daily habits to adopt that can help you improve your Persian:

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1. Draw pictures of the words you want to learn

Especially if you are artistic, this can be a better way of learning Persian vocabulary than writing translations or example sentences.

2. Talk to a native Persian speaker

Whether it’s in a formalized manner like a Skype Persian conversation class, or simply a casual chat with a friend, colleague, or teacher, try to speak with someone whose first language is Persian as often as you can, preferably daily. It’s the single best way to improve Spoken Persian skills – and you might also make new friends and build work connections at the same time.

Top tips:

3. Use a Persian-Persian dictionary

Please try to use a bilingual dictionary less and switching to a monolingual one can help you to stop translating in your head when you are speaking or listening, and another useful Persian vocabulary can come up while you are using the dictionary.

4. Listen to Persian music and sing along 

Actually, this builds pronunciation, comprehension, and a good ear for language. also, it’s fun and a stress reliever! No matter what kind of Persian music you prefer, there’s bound to be something out there for you. If you’re at a beginner level, listen to children’s songs; Advanced Persian learners might want to listen to rap because it’s great for learning about rhyme and the natural cadences of Persian speech.

5. Occasionally talk to or e-mail your friends in Persian

Many learners find this a bit false or embarrassing, but if you think of it as a study club and set a particular time and/ or place, actually, it is no different from studying maths together.

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