5 Strategies to Maximize Your Persian Speaking Skills

Learning how to speak Persian presents several challenges. By utilizing these strategies, you’ll have the ability to maximize your Persian speaking skills.
You want to increase your Persian speaking skills. You’ve been immersing yourself in everything Persian—books, movies….

However, you aren’t confident in speaking Persian with others. Especially native Persian speakers, who talk faster and use slang.
And it makes sense why you may feel overwhelmed.

Nonetheless, you can master it! And become a pro at speaking this language!

Read on to learn how.

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1. Know What Comes Next

What is a universal language? Body language!
When someone scowls, you know he/she is displeased.
When someone is jumping up and down, smiling, he/she is excited.

You can use body language to predict what words the individual is going to speak. Actually, you can prepare yourself for these words by studying the context.

If you go to the grocery store, expect to hear words that are grocery-store-related: غذا, چه مقدار, قیمت…
For example, if the bagger at the store opens a plastic bag and says something to you, eyebrows raised, you can guess that it has to do with wanting a bag or not for your groceries.

How do you know?
Because you pieced together using the Persian words you know with universal body language.

2. Understand The Basic Persian Speaking Structure

One of the easier aspects of Persian is its structure. Which is usually linear.
This means that Persian speakers tend to read, write, and speak using subject, verb, object. In other words, active voice.

Practice this structure. Because usually others will understand what you’re trying to say even if you don’t include or use the wrong articles.

Examples of active voice include, “من سیب می خورم”.
“من” is the subject. “می خورم” is the verb. And “سیب” is the object.
When you do speak Persian, start by using short, simple linear sentences, such as the one above.
Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to more complex sentence structures like, “من امروز در جنگل سیب خوردم”. Which, if you realize, still uses the same linear structure.

3. Listen For Quality, Not Quantity

The backbone for speaking (any language) is listening. So, please capture the gist of what’s being said. Not every word.
Actually, doing this will make conversing more attainable.

To get quality (not quantity), you’ll need to piece together Persian keywords and summarize them in your head.

For instance, you have a conversation with someone about yesterday’s football game.
You pick up on words such as “گل”, “سریع”, “امتیاز”, and “پیروزی”. You can also talk about how your favorite player scored.

4. Learn Signposts

Signposts are signal words that direct you where the conversation is going and it includes “اول / first”, “دوم / second”, “آخرین / last”, “بعد / then”, “بعدی / next”…

Learn them. Then you’ll be able to get the gist better.

5. Immerse, Immerse, Immerse

Keep listening to Persian-speaking radio, movies, and music. Read Persian books, And practice speaking with others in Persian.
The more practice you get, the closer you are to mastering Persian.

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