5 Tips for Learning Persian more efficiently

When you start learning a foreign language, the tips and techniques you see may not make much sense. However, after a few lessons, you will probably better understand how these tips and methods can help because you can see how to apply those tips to your language learning process.

Learning a language can be time-consuming, even the Persian language. So it takes time and effort to master Persian.

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1. Know What You Want from Your Learning

The first place to start isn’t with the language itself, but with understanding why you are learning Persian. Determine what it is you want to get out of your language learning experience. This can range from travel to Iran to an interest in this language.

Whatever your reason for learning Persian it should be the focus of how you go about learning the language. Your approach will be much different for travel than if you are learning Persian for a Persian language course at the university or just interested in this language.

2. Perfect Your Pronunciation

Good pronunciation and accent is essentially the most important element for speaking and understanding a language. Actually, the more you practice, the better your pronunciation will become over time. After all, practice makes perfect!

Tip: Watch Iranian movies with subtitles to listen and understand the pronunciation of Persian words & phrases as spoken by a native speaker!

Top tips:

3. Partners Make Learning More Enjoyable

Trying to learn a foreign language on your own doesn’t make much sense, yet so many learners still try to learn that way. One way to help get over the nervousness of speaking Persian is to find a language learning partner. This can be a native Persian speaker, someone who also learns Persian and etc.

Not only does a language learning partner help you to speak Persian, but also it helps you to see how you are progressing. You will be able to have more in-depth discussions after several months to a year. Over time, this can really build your confidence while motivating you to keep learning Persian.

4. Write

The more you write Persian, the better you comprehend and the more fluent you become. In fact, writing will help you understand and become familiar with the language. Please don’t forget that fluency comes through practice, and writing is a key part of learning a language thoroughly.

5. Examine Unique Characteristics of the Persian Language

Each language has various features and unique characteristics. Unlocking these is crucial and Important to being a fluent speaker because it allows you to be aware of where and how to put stress in a sentence or a word and when to use a phrase or idiom, especially as these nuances differ from language to language, and from culture to culture.

3 Grammar Tips:

1. Grammar is for communication

Sometimes learners get obsessed with grammar. This is especially true for learners who grew up with strict grammar schooling. Please remember that you only study grammar in order to communicate. Practice with a few exercises, then have a conversation or write an essay and try to use your new tools.

2. Isolate your weak points

You shouldn’t waste time on grammar exercises that you already understand just because they are easier for you. Instead, concentrate on grammar that is difficult for you. If you are unsure of where your weak points are, write a few short essays or paragraphs and ask a Persian teacher to circle repeated errors. Then you can look up your problem and fix it.

3. Teach grammar points to a friend

Find a friend who studies Persian at a lower level than you. Teaching will force you to remember the rules better and understand them properly. You can also teach grammar rules to a member of your family.

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