8 TOP Tips to Boost your Spoken Persian

Having a conversation in a new language could be difficult work because sometimes you don’t remember which word you need and you don’t have enough time to think.

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1. Be Confident

Surely, the number one skill here is confidence. Please remember, no one minds if you get it wrong – and you will make mistakes, everyone does. Iranians will be pleased you’ve attempted to speak their language. While in Iran, head into any shop, practice what you want to ask just before you go in – enter, and take the verbal plunge! just don’t let yourself lapse into English.

2. Simultaneous speaking repetition

Sing along to your favorite Persian Songs.

Find songs in this article: 10 Persian Songs to help you learn Farsi

Please try to speak at the same time as the speaker in a video (especially videos from children’s cartoons) or in audio.

Start speaking along with singers, actors, etc.

It is also a great way for memorizing new Persian words and improving your pronunciation.

Find how to improve listening on this article: improve your Persian listening skills through these 5 tips.

3. Avoid translation

Once you have a basic vocabulary, you have to stop thinking in your native language and try to translate everything, as this slows your progress down.

Translate while you’re speaking actually it’s a waste of time.

Just use the language you already know.

Listening to a lot of «real» Persian, and speaking not in a «comparison to English» will help you a lot.

After all, to be understood is the most important and the most vital thing!

4. Relax

When you think about speaking Persian, then you may feel nervous.

Just put yourself out there, and speak Persian!

You may need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, but the more you speak in Persian, the more you will begin to feel relaxed.

As an adult learner, anxiety about speaking in a new language (like Persian) usually boils down to fear of being negatively evaluated.

Approach the conversation with a beautiful smile. What’s the worst that can happen?

Top Tips:

5. Be patient

Learning a language is a process that can take time and effort.

In fact, if you get frustrated with yourself, you risk quitting.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, take it easy.

Generally, the easiest way to not get fed up is to have a way to check your progress.

An article on this website could be helpful: Top Tips for Studying Persian When You Are Tired

6. Improve your pronunciation

When it comes to pronunciation, the most important and necessary thing is that people can understand you.

Aim to make your accent and pronunciation as clear and understandable as possible.

As you know, another important aspect of pronunciation is word stress. Persian words have different stress patterns.

Persian words have different stress patterns, but the better thing to do is to learn every new Persian word with its meaning and exact pronunciation.

7. Easy start

Supermarket leaflets, station adverts, books for children, children’s cartoons are great places to start, as they also have visual prompts. Also, magazines often contain interviews that are essentially reported speech, so you are picking up Persian speech patterns.

8. Watch films in your native language, with subtitles in Persian

This is the opposite of what most learners do, but in fact, the brain takes in information better when it is in a passive state. Listening in your native language takes little effort and your brain is able to read the subtitles and make the links between what it sees and hears.

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