Speed Up your Persian Learning with These Tips

While there aren’t many shortcuts to learning Persian so quickly, there are some tricks that help speed up your Persian learning and you should know. Linguists have several specific tips and strategies about how to boost your memory and help your efforts to learn a foreign language really pay off.

The best way to learn any foreign language is not to rush it, and that’s certainly true of Persian. It’s ideal to focus on gaining vocabulary and learning Persian pronunciation over longer periods of time.

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Speak and Listen to Persian Daily

Practice makes perfect. And while it’s not a glamorous shortcut, investing the time in practicing speaking and listening to Persian every day is key to learning this language. However, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Going beyond repetition and finding new ways of learning Persian vocabulary and pronunciations can make deeper connections that are engaging.

Daily language lessons and immersing yourself in Persian can accelerate language learning. Even if it’s not possible to spend a little time with native speakers, you can still listen to Persian music in the car or watch Persian movies with the subtitles turned off. Actually, you’ll be surprised how even simple immersive experiences can get your ear more finely attuned to hearing and understanding Persian.

Practice Pronouncing Words in Persian

Learning some key phrases in Persian is helpful, but to really learn to speak the Persian language you’ll have to go beyond memorizing vocabulary. Focusing on pronunciations will not only help you learn to speak Persian but also allow you to understand native speakers better. That’s why you should focus on practicing speaking the language from the very first lesson.

During your first journey to Iran, you’ll find it’s not the words but the speed of speech and inflection that can be overwhelming. Learning how to pronounce Persian words correctly helps learners to slow down and really focus on understanding and being understood. In fact, the goal of language learning is not to simply acquire vocabulary, but to be able to use that language to make human connections. So practicing your Persian pronunciation until you feel confident is an important part of your language-learning endeavor.

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Tips That Can Help You Learn Persian Faster

1. Write it down

Physically writing things while you are listening can help you solidify learning. Actually, it engages a different part of your brain that controls the fine motor function involved in writing.

2. Practice before you sleep

There is some evidence that learners who listened and practiced vocabulary right before sleeping had better recall than those who practiced at other times of the day. In general, getting a full night’s sleep helps improve cognitive functions like memory and also helps you to remember Persian words better.

3. Create visual organizers

In addition to writing words while you’re learning Persian, draw related images next to the word. In fact, it gives your brain an extrasensory detail to hang onto and helps facilitate better recall.

There are several different ways to learn Persian and not all methods are created equal. Certain trends and fads have come and gone in the language learning process, but the following methods and strategies have persisted as legitimate approaches to learning a foreign language like Persian quickly and retaining it.

4. Learning Persian Online

Maybe you’ve seen the ads and some sites and wandered the internet. Can you really learn Persian online for free? Sort of. Many of the free online sites are best for learning basic Farsi vocabulary. They may be able to help you learn a few fast and basic phrases, but actually, they lack the tools to build your confidence to speak with ease.

To learn Farsi effectively online, you’ll need access to language learning with an efficient approach. The Learn Persian Online method is designed to fit your lifestyle, letting you practice wherever you have internet access.

5. Practice Every Single Day

Although this tip may seem like a given, it is probably the most important piece of advice when learning a foreign language.

If you do not practice speaking in Persian, you will not improve your ability to speak this language. It’s that simple!

A professional teacher taught her students that «practice is the only way to notably improve your speaking, and also language skills».

You should specifically schedule and carve out time for mastering the Persian language.

Whether that’s while driving your car on your morning commute or waiting for the bus or while making lunch in the noon, there are numerous and different ways to sneak in some devoted practice time into your busy schedule.

Another efficient way to take your practice to the next level is by enlisting the help of family, classmates, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone who can engage you in conversation.

You can give them your translation book and tell them to ask questions to quiz you, making sure your responses are in proper form.

6. Make Mistakes

Here is a tip you probably would not have expected to hear: please go ahead and make mistakes.

There’s a common saying which indicates that you learn best from your mistakes, and this holds true when learning Persian as well.

Generally, if you make a mistake and learn from it, you’re much less likely to repeat that mistake again.

The essential element here is that you need to have someone (such as a native speaker or a native teacher) who is willing to correct you and do so properly so that you avoid miscommunicating going forward.

Be confident in your speaking when learning Persian – don’t be fearful of getting it wrong and you can rely on the bits and pieces of a conversational phrase that you feel sure of.

A teacher or fellow conversationalist can only correct your Persian pronunciation and word choice as long as they hear you making the mistake out loud; practice, practice, practice, no matter how many errors and mistakes you make originally.

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