The finding of the jewel

The finding of the jewel

The finding of the jewel, and how the ladies-in-waiting and handmaids of the princess begged Nasúh to exonerate them. یافته شدن گوهر و حلالی خواستن حاجبکان و کنیزکان شاه‌زاده از نصوح

بعد از آن خوفی هلاک جان بده مژده‌ها آمد که اینک گم شده
After that soul-destroying fear, came the good news “Here is the lost (jewel)!”
بانگ آمد ناگهان که رفت بیم یافت شد گم گشته آن در یتیم
Suddenly rose a shout “The danger is past: the single pearl that was missing has been found.
یافت شد واندر فرح در بافتیم مژدگانی ده که گوهر یافتیم
It is found, and we are penetrated with joy: give us the reward, for we have found the pearl.”
از غریو و نعره و دستک زدن پر شده حمام قد زال الحزن
The bath-house was filled with clamour and screams and clapping of hands (because) sorrow had disappeared.
آن نصوح رفته باز آمد به خویش دید چشمش تابش صد روز بیش
Nasúh who had gone (out of himself) came to himself again: his eye saw in front (of him) the splendour of a hundred (shining) days.
می حلالی خواست از وی هر کسی بوسه می‌دادند بر دستش بسی
Every one was begging him to exonerate them and giving his hand many a kiss.
بد گمان بردیم و کن ما را حلال گوشت تو خوردیم اندر قیل و قال
(They said), “We had evil thoughts (of thee), and (we pray thee to) exonerate us. We were backbiting thee in our talk”;
زانک ظن جمله بر وی بیش بود زانک در قربت ز جمله پیش بود
For the suspicion of all (the women) against him had been increased by the fact that he was in higher favour (with the princess) than all (the rest of them).
خاص دلاکش بد و محرم نصوح بلک هم‌چون دو تنی یک گشته روح
Nasúh was her private shampooer and confidant; nay (they were) as two bodies with one soul.
گوهر ار بردست او بردست و بس زو ملازم‌تر به خاتون نیست کس
(Hence the women had said), “If (any one) has taken the pearl, only he can have taken it: none is more closely attached to the Lady than he.
اول او را خواست جستن در نبرد بهر حرمت داشتش تاخیر کرد
At first she wished to search him forcibly, (but) from respect for his reputation she delayed,
تا بود کان را بیندازد به جا اندرین مهلت رهاند خویش را
In the hope that he might drop it (the pearl) somewhere and (thus) save himself during the respite.”
این حلالیها ازو می‌خواستند وز برای عذر برمی‌خاستند
They were begging him to grant these absolutions and were rising up to excuse themselves.
گفت بد فضل خدای دادگر ورنه زآنچم گفته شد هستم بتر
He replied, “’Twas the grace of God, who deals justice; else I am worse than what has been said (of me).
چه حلالی خواست می‌باید ز من که منم مجرم‌تر اهل زمن
Why should absolution be begged of me? for I am the most sinful of (all) the people in the world.
آنچ گفتندم ز بد از صد یکیست بر من این کشفست ار کس را شکیست
The evil they spoke of me is (but) a hundredth part (of that which I have committed): this is clearly known to me, if any one has a doubt (concerning it).
کس چه می‌داند ز من جز اندکی از هزاران جرم و بد فعلم یکی
What does any one know of me but a little (what but) one of my thousand sins and evil deeds?
من همی دانم و آن ستار من جرمها و زشتی کردار من
I know, and He who draws a veil (of concealment) over me (knows) my sins and the wickedness of my conduct.
اول ابلیسی مرا استاد بود بعد از آن ابلیس پیشم باد بود
At first an Iblís was my teacher; afterwards Iblís was (mere) wind in comparison with me.
حق بدید آن جمله را نادیده کرد تا نگردم در فضیحت روی‌زرد
God saw all that (iniquity), (but) made as though He saw it not, lest I should be openly dishonoured by its exposure.
باز رحمت پوستین دوزیم کرد توبه‌ی شیرین چو جان روزیم کرد
Moreover, (the Divine) Mercy exercised the furrier’s craft on me and bestowed on me a repentance sweet as life.
هر چه کردم جمله ناکرده گرفت طاعت ناکرده آورده گرفت
Whatever (ill deeds) I had done, it took them as not having been done; and my undone (acts of) obedience it took as having been performed.
هم‌چو سرو و سوسنم آزاد کرد هم‌چو بخت و دولتم دلشاد کرد
It made me free (pure and noble) as the cypress and the lily; it made me glad of heart as fortune and felicity.
نام من در نامه‌ی پاکان نوشت دوزخی بودم ببخشیدم بهشت
It inscribed my name in the register of the righteous: I was one doomed to Hell; it gave me Paradise.
آه کردم چون رسن شد آه من گشت آویزان رسن در چاه من
(When) I cried ‘Alas,’ my ‘Alas’ became a rope, and the rope was let down into my well.
آن رسن بگرفتم و بیرون شدم شاد و زفت و فربه و گلگون شدم
I clutched that rope and climbed out: I became glad and strong and stout and rosy.
در بن چاهی همی‌بودم زبون در همه عالم نمی‌گنجم کنون
(Formerly) I was lying in misery at the bottom of a well: now I am not contained in the whole world.
آفرینها بر تو بادا ای خدا ناگهان کردی مرا از غم جدا
Praises be unto Thee, O God! Thou didst suddenly put me afar from sorrow.
گر سر هر موی من یابد زبان شکرهای تو نیاید در بیان
If the tip of every hair of me should gain a tongue (power to speak), (yet) the thanks due to Thee are inexpressible.
می‌زنم نعره درین روضه و عیون خلق را یا لیت قومی یعلمون
Amidst these gardens and fountains I am crying to the people, ‘Oh, would that my folk did but know!’”




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