Funny ways to Practice and Learn Persian

In today’s day and age, there are a lot of really fun and unique ways to speak Persian even as a beginner. Be sure to combine these techniques with your studies and learning from the beginning to achieve a well-rounded communication and continuous understanding exercise. Don’t worry about really focusing on the techniques that work for you. The best way to learn Persian might look a little different from person to person, and that’s okay.

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5 funny ways

1. Listen to Persian Podcasts

First, check out this post on Persian learning podcasts. Yes, you can indeed learn Persian on-the-go. As an alternative way to concentrate on your Persian pronunciation while being entertained, podcasts are an intriguing and fun way to learn Farsi. You can listen to lessons on Persian idioms, colloquialisms, and even some cheeky words to banter with the local Persians/Iranians.

The most popular podcast out there for Persian learners is most likely Persianpod101, and it is certainly popular for good reason. There are hundreds of Persian audio and video lessons, and the collection is always growing with fresh material for all skill levels. Yes, this covers you from newbie to nearly-fluent. By joining PersianPod101, you’ll have access to all of these and be privy to interactive learning tools like SRS flashcards, PDF transcripts, community forums, and a handy app.

2. Meet Persian Friends

We mentioned it earlier, but I just need to stress that Meetup is a fantastic website for finding like-minded people who may also want to meet you.
You can find an Iranian friend, or others learning how to speak Persian as well. You could go to an Iranian restaurant, practice ordering with the waitstaff, and try to have a fluent Persian conversation, now that’s a great way to learn!

3. Watch Persian movie

Once you can understand some very basic Persian, you could be creative with your learning style and watch a movie you’ve previously seen, but watch it dubbed in Persian. You can even use English subtitles to make it easier. You’ll feel like you’re really getting a hang of things when you see a Persian movie with some English subtitles and you recognize half the words. As your level improves, or to give it a boost now, try watching some Persian films with Persian subtitles. Reading the actual words you’re hearing (in Persian) as they’re spoken will be so helpful to your language pursuits.

Some Tips!

4. Listen to Persian Music

The coolest part of Persian music is that you can listen just about anywhere. Pop in your earbuds and listen to Persian music on your bike, while on the train, while traveling, while working, or while walking around town.
An Expert Tip: Choose music that you actually enjoy it. For example, if you don’t have any interest in pop music, stay away from Persian pop music. It’s also wise to ask a friend to listen to the music as well, so you can discuss that music after.

5. Immerse Yourself in Persian to Really Succeed

Many language experts agree that immersing yourself in the language is the fastest way to become fluent in the new language. it can be even more effective than formal language classes, according to researchers and experts. What we mean is that the best way to learn Persian is to really get involved in the language. Be creative with the ideas above, don’t just learn it simply from a book. You could even move or travel to Iran if you make it a priority!
When learning a new language, our brains treat unfamiliar new sounding words as background noise and try to ignore them. The solution to this problem is to soak up some Persian. The more you hear the less filtered it will become.
When you watch Persian movies after spending some time learning Farsi, you’ll notice how many more Farsi phrases you hear. It will no longer jibberish noise, but instead, it will be a language that you understand.

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