The lover’s reply to those who chid him.

The lover’s reply to those who chid him.جواب گفتن عاشق عاذلان را

گفت او ای ناصحان من بی ندم از جهان زندگی سیر آمدم
He said, “O sincere advisers, I have become unrepentantly weary of the world of life.
منبلی‌ام زخم جو و زخم‌خواه عافیت کم جوی از منبل براه
I am an idle vagabond, seeking blows and desiring blows: do not seek rectitude from the vagabond on the road.
منبلی نی کو بود خود برگ‌جو منبلی‌ام لاابالی مرگ‌جو
(I am) not the vagabond who in sooth is a seeker of provender: I am the reckless vagabond (who is) the seeker of death.
منبلی نی کو به کف پول آورد منبلی چستی کزین پل بگذرد
(I am) not the vagabond who gets small money into his palm, (but) the nimble vagabond who would cross this bridge (to the world hereafter).
آن نه کو بر هر دکانی بر زند بل جهد از کون و کانی بر زند
Not the one who cleaves to every shop; nay, but (the one who) springs away from (phenomenal) existence and strikes upon a mine (of reality).
مرگ شیرین گشت و نقلم زین سرا چون قفص هشتن پریدن مرغ را
Death and migration from this (earthly) abode has become as sweet to me as leaving the cage and flying (is sweet) to the (captive) bird.
آن قفص که هست عین باغ در مرغ می‌بیند گلستان و شجر
The cage that is in the very midst of the garden, (so that) the bird beholds the rose-beds and the trees,
جوق مرغان از برون گرد قفص خوش همی‌خوانند ز آزادی قصص
(While) outside, round the cage, a multitude of birds is sweetly chanting tales of liberty:
مرغ را اندر قفص زان سبزه‌زار نه خورش ماندست و نه صبر و قرار
At (the sight of) that verdant place neither (desire for) food remains to the bird in the cage, nor patience and rest,
سر ز هر سوراخ بیرون می‌کند تا بود کین بند از پا برکند
(But) it puts out its head through every hole, that perchance it may tear off this fetter from its leg.
چون دل و جانش چنین بیرون بود آن قفص را در گشایی چون بود
Since its heart and soul are (already) outside like this, how will it be when you open the cage?”
نه چنان مرغ قفص در اندهان گرد بر گردش به حلقه گربگان
Not such is the bird caged amidst anxieties cats round about it in a ring:
کی بود او را درین خوف و حزن آرزوی از قفص بیرون شدن
How, in this dread and sorrow, should it have the desire to go out of the cage?
او همی‌خواهد کزین ناخوش حصص صد قفص باشد بگرد این قفص
It wishes that, (to save it) from this unwelcome plucking (of its feathers), there might be a hundred cages round about this cage (in which it is confined).




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