5 Simple tips to improve writing in Persian

Persian language is an ancient treasure developed through time and turned into what we know today. A significant part of this development and existence is the written codes that Iranians use for writing in Persian. Without writings, it was impossible to be aware of the Iranian culture the way we are now. Writing makes the language last, which means that by reading the old inscriptions from thousands of years ago, you understand how people and nations looked and behaved.

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1. Use Pictures for Learning the Alphabet

We talked about the Persian alphabet in The “Can you learn Farsi language without learning the Farsi alphabet?” blog post. So, you can check it out and learn the Farsi alphabet completely. However, for the sake of practice and tricking your mind into remembering them better, you can be a little more creative and find a shape for each Persian letter. This way, you will be able to memorize the Persian letters faster and better since your mind has two sources of information: pictures and words.

2. Use Social Media to Write in Farsi

Social media is the best platform to practice the Persian language. Iranians love to read about your daily life and experiences on different platforms such as Twitter and Instagram or other social media. The people of Iran are open to new ideas, thoughts, and lifestyles. So you can share your culture and ideas with different people and find many Iranian friends. Writing on social media can be a good method of practicing, as well. When you write and rewrite, you get better at writing in Persian and you can ask your audience to correct your mistakes as well to improve faster and more effectively.

3. Don’t Be Afraid or Disappointed

Writing is one of the most difficult skills that you acquire in the process of learning a new language. Maybe you have seen some languages like French that have their unique rules for writing and you don’t necessarily write the same thing that you are pronouncing.

Although writing in Persian is much easier than French, you still need to be patient and practice it a lot. The learning process of writing in the Farsi language would be time-consuming, so you can’t get disappointed. Your progress might be slow at certain levels of learning Persian, but you can master the skill eventually.

Another thing to consider while learning the ability to write in Persian is the fact that you will make lots of mistakes during the process. But, after each mistake there is some learning opportunity, so don’t be afraid of being incorrect and continue your learning process.

Some tips to improve your Persian language:

4. Read Lots of Persian Books

Reading and writing are deeply intertwined, so by reading a lot of Farsi books, Persian poems, or articles you expose yourself to this language. This way, you get introduced to different styles of Persian writing as well. Also, what can be more interesting than reading an amazing story and learning a new language simultaneously? So, by having a learning attitude and reading different books, you get better in grammar as well as vocabulary, and you can write in Persian more precisely.

5. Imitate Your Favorite Writer 

One of the best ways of practicing writing in Persian and getting fluent in it is to imitate famous authors. In the case of writing in Persian, you can choose the author that you find most amusing and continue one of her/his works with your own idea by copying her/his style. This activity is fun, practical, and effective, which enhances your learning process.
After reading these tips, you need to know that you should let yourself experience writing in Persian and enjoy it. You can also teach your kids Farsi writing when they are literate enough, and for more practice, you can listen to different podcasts and write the main idea of that podcast or what you have found interesting down. You can also check LearnPersianOnline’s page on social media and comment on the posts in Persian to test your writing ability.

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