Important tips when you are learning Persian

Ever wondered what are the important tips for learning Persian while learning Persian?
In this article, we have prepared important and useful tips for learning Persian for you.

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1. Take an intensive course

The more time you can spend studying Persian the better, but studying periodic intensive Persian courses with a few hours of study a week in between is probably better value for money and it is more suitable than any other system as it gives your brain time to subconsciously learn and start using the Persian language you have learned before you introduce the next new “chunk” of this language.

2. Use language exchange apps

Language exchange apps are a platform for regular folk who are learning foreign languages to find partners for online language exchange. The app matches you with people who speak your target language and are also learning your language, so you can do a language exchange through text and voice notes without ever leaving your home. Persian speakers are never short of people who want to talk to them!

If you are female, it can get annoying with men trying to proposition you sometimes, but you can change the app settings to only show language partners of the same gender as you.

Useful Tips:

3. Say or think, what you are doing in Persian as you do your daily tasks

As you are doing your chores, try creating sentences describing what you are doing, for example, من دارم در یخچال را باز میکنم “I’m opening the refrigerator door”. This gets you used to thinking in Persian without translating and can be a good way of seeing what simple Persian vocabulary that is around you every day you don’t know.

4. Learn a song

For this exercise, pick a song in Persian that you really like, find the lyrics and work your way through learning them, line by line. You can translate each line’s meaning as you go, then use a translator to see how close you got.

Singing in Persian will improve your pronunciation and understanding (since lyrics tend to be written in a lot more poetic way than regular speech). You’ll find that words and Persian phrases stick more easily in your head once you’ve learned them in a song, too.

5. Watch Persian language films with Persian subtitles

For learners who can’t understand a movie without subtitles but find themselves not listening at all when reading subtitles in their native language, this should be the way of watching a movie that you should aim for. If it is too difficult to watch the whole movie this way, try watching the (usually important) first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie with subtitles in your native language, switch to Persian subtitles after that, and only switch back to subtitles in your native language if you get totally lost following the story of the movie.

Additional Tips:

1. Grab a Textbook or an Article

Learning any foreign language needs a touch of a book. This textbook can be a hard copy or soft copy, depending on your preference. But you have to attach to a book to learn Persian. Every part of Persian Learning (grammar, vocabulary, phrases, …) has a textbook for learning Persian. It is necessary because books never make you bankrupt. It guides you in learning Persian and helps preserve what you might forget.

2. Listen to Podcasts

You will see several Persian language learning podcasts online. Some of these podcasts are about vocabulary, casual conversations, formal conversations, and many more. Listening to Persian podcasts can enhance fluency and proper word choice for communication. Some say it is an alternative to real-time language partner practice. We mean, It is a boost to speak perfect Persian with a real-time language partner.

3. Travel to a Persian Community

The best way to learn Persian naturally is to immerse yourself in the Persian Community. If you get a chance to travel to Iran or any Persian community then grab that opportunity. It is a big opportunity to learn the Persian language subconsciously.

Speaking broken Persian might feel awkward. But hey! Native speakers are going to love you as you are trying to learn their language and also culture despite being an outsider. Please Never miss such an opportunity.

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