25 Hacks Every Lazy Persian Learner Should Know

The beauty of studying a new language is that there’s always something new you can learn! Who doesn’t want to learn a new language faster, better, more easily, with more fluency, and in less time? Definitely not us! And we’re sure not you, either.

We’re not calling anyone out for being lazy (we’re all guilty of it sometimes!), but these amazing hacks will help you be that much more awesome at learning Persian and becoming fluent. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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1- Start with pronunciation

If you have bad Persian pronunciation, even if you have good grammar, people won’t understand you. In order to communicate fluently, you need to work on your Persian pronunciation first!

2- Focus on one dialect

Whether a regional or standard dialect, focus on this to be able to mimic the Persian accent well. Work on your pronunciation and intonation.

3- Specific vocabulary

Persian vocabulary and pronunciation definitely go together, because we practice pronunciation of specific vocabulary words.

4- Learn cognates

Learn similar words, or cognates, in your native language and in Persian, and that have similar meanings. Make sure you are careful about false cognates, which are words that sound the same but mean very different things (for example, “خوان” and “خان” )!

5- Think in the new language

Don’t translate! Translation makes your mind do things that native Persian speakers don’t do. Learn Persian words through context — its use, or the situation — not through translation.

6- Repetition

It takes time, but repetition can really speed up the Persian learning process when you make an effort to consume the language every day (books, news, movies, music, etc.).

7- Flashcards

You can expand your vocabulary and remember a lot more words faster by using flashcards.

8- Follow your curiosity

Become passionate, obsessed even, with the Persian language! In order to do this, you have to follow your own interests, whether it be Persian music, Iranian movies, or anything else you can think of. Immerse yourself!

9- Fluency and motivation

Don’t try to force yourself to learn the same way a Persian teacher in a traditional class would. Follow your curiosity. Unless you have to study for a Persian test, just follow what makes you interested to learn. For example, if you are interested in sports, try reading sports news in Persian.

10- Connect with native speakers

A nice way to improve both your fluency and motivation is to connect with native speakers of the language you are studying, especially when you have a shared interest such as music, art, sports, etc.

11- Talk to yourself

Hear us out! It’s not weird! It is SO important to speak the Persian language, but not everyone has another person they can speak with. In the meantime, speak Persian to yourself about your plans for the day while you’re getting ready in the morning, for example.

12- Create self-immersion

It’s good if you can go and visit the country where they speak Persian, but we understand that not everyone can do that! (If it were that easy, we’d probably never stay anywhere for long!).

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13- Create in a new language

More than just having a conversation, it’s important to open up your creativity and try new things, like writing a Persian poem or song, a short story, or even leaving a comment in Persian, on a social media post. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but we need to create in order to master the Persian language.

14- Copy and paste vocabulary

When you listen to native Persian speakers, notice phrases that you find interesting, and copy those to use them (or “paste” them) into your own conversations.

15- Think in the Persian language

Learn to think in the Persian language without translating. The person you speak to the most in your life isn’t a friend or your family, it’s YOU! Thinking to yourself in Persian will help you learn to get used to speaking it.

16- Get out of your comfort zone

Create a challenge for yourself every day to learn at least one new Persian word. Then, use it the next time you’re able to!

17- Visit a country

When you’re surrounded by native Persian speakers, you will improve because you will be constantly exposed to how they use the Persian language on a daily basis.

18- Be culturally adept

Understand how people communicate according to the culture of the Persian language.

19- Make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! When you make them, identify them, learn from them, and try to correct them not to repeat them.

20- Learn from childhood

It’s not a myth that children can learn a language faster!

21- Create smart goals

These are great, specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely goals.

22- Don’t wait

Please don’t wait for anyone to give you an assignment. Make your own!

23- Affective filter

In order to learn and become fluent in the Persian language, you need to be relaxed. Lowering your affective filter means lowering your stress.

24- Pretend you are someone else

If you are usually a shy person, this can be so helpful! You can pretend to be anyone: someone you admire, a celebrity, or a hero. It doesn’t matter, as long as you pick someone who is confident speaking this language!

25- Be patient

Be patient with yourself! Learning the Persian language isn’t just about the destination, it’s also about the journey! It’s an evolving process, and your journey can be endless if you choose to never stop learning this language!

If you’ve stuck with us for this entire article, we know you’re not lazy! You’re dedicated and you’re awesome!!

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