How to Learn the Persian Language: 5 Simple Steps

Want to learn the Persian language but not sure where to start? From apps to audiobooks and little-known hacks, our beginner’s guide to Persian learning will show you how to learn step-by-step.

When it comes to learning your first foreign language (such as Persian), there are a lot of unknowns. You don’t know which resources you should use, and what methods will resonate with you, and maybe you probably don’t even know what a verb is, let alone how to conjugate one!

But for all the unknowns, there are a lot of books, tools, tips, and techniques that can help you learn Persian. Getting started with learning Persian is actually very easy. There are different language apps, online tools, podcasts, YouTube channels, and resources to choose from. The hardest part is knowing what you like and what works best for you. As you know, the only way of knowing that is with trial and error.

To help you navigate through the plethora of resources and get you off on the right foot, we’ve listed good tools, tips, and techniques.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started with learning the Persian language.

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1. Get a Teacher

A great way to kick off your Persian learning is by having a teacher. A Persian teacher will keep you accountable and will bring the language to life.

You can attend a Persian lessons group after work. It has a great social aspect and you will make many lifelong friends this way. You can also travel to Iran for language learning and enjoy the culture, nature, and places of interest and it is a great way to improve your skill in a short about of time.

If you have a full-time job and find it hard to “do it all”, read this article for tips on «how to fit Persian into a busy schedule».

2. Listen to podcasts and music

Listening to Persian podcasts and music are great ways to tune into the sound and flow of the Persian language. This technique is perfect to adopt when you’re waiting in line, on the bus, commuting, or doing housework. Please aim to dedicate at least 15 minutes per day (or more if you have time) to listening to content in Persian. You can create a Spotify playlist and start adding music you like and podcasts that talk about subjects you’re interested in. If the content bores you, actually, you’re not on the right track. Remember, learning a language should be (and is) fun and enjoyable. Only listen to what you like.

Grate Tips:

3. Follow along with easy audiobooks

A great way to familiarise yourself with the intonation of the Persian language and the correct pronunciation of certain words, listening to Persian audiobooks is an excellent method. But please don’t go out and buy every single Harry Potter audiobook and expect to understand everything just because you know the books inside out. It’s obvious You’re going to need a little help, otherwise, the words will just wash over you.

You can download Persian audiobooks from the following sites:

4. Spaced repetition

We’ve got two words for you – spaced repetition. In fact, spaced repetition is a learning technique that progressively increases the interval of time between previously learned material in order to help you learn the language faster.
It’s a great method, try it!

5. Have fun with apps

Supplement your Persian learning with some fun language apps like Mondly (available on iPhone and Android), and Drops (available on iPhone and Android). While these apps won’t make you fluent in Persian, they are great at gamifying the learning process and sending you to push notifications to remind you to complete daily language lessons. You can use these apps solely for learning vocabulary.

Useful Tips:

1. Immersion

To really master the Persian language, you have to immerse yourself. The best way obviously, is a longer stay in Iran but also at home, you can take an immersion course.

2. Persian media

Watch Iranian movies, and read Persian books.
Listening and singing along with Persian songs is a great way to practice your pronunciation. You pick up a lot unconsciously, simply from listening to Persian songs.

3. Private lessons via Skype

Our online courses are great if you want to learn Persian but you need to have real conversations as well. You can take these Persian conversation lessons with a Persian private teacher via Skype.

Next steps

We’ve kept this list short so you’re not overwhelmed by choice. We recommend picking one of these techniques and tips to get started. Ease into it. Please try it on and see how it feels. Don’t rush it. First, ask yourself, do I like this technique? Am I enjoying it? If the answer is no, then move on to another technique. Rinse and repeat.

Remember, there’s no correct or incorrect way to learn a language since we all learn in different ways. Once you find which language tools and learning techniques and strategies you enjoy the most, then start to mix up how much time to spend with each of them.

Whichever method, tool, or strategy works for you, be sure to dedicate even just 15 minutes to Persian learning every day and you’ll improve and progress a lot quicker than if you cram in a 2-hour study session per week.

As you continue with your learning, ensure you’re not focusing too much on one aspect of the language, for example, you might be good at grammar but can you confidently string a sentence together when speaking Persian? If not, you should look at how much time you spend on writing, reading, listening, and speaking and focus on giving each skill equal amounts of attention.

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